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Ways the police may determine you're drunk

California is cracking down on driving while under the influence, or DUI cases. With their strict penalties and careful monitoring of the roads, some drivers may find it beneficial to know exactly what they're looking for when they try to determine whether or not a driver may be drunk.

The first way is through field sobriety tests. offers different examples of real sobriety tests that are used by officers. They include both standardized tests, which will hold up better in a court due to their regulations, and non-standardized tests. It's up to the police to decide which test or tests will be administered. Generally speaking, this is just the first step. It's possible for an officer to arrest someone if they fail a field sobriety test, but these are commonly followed up by breath tests instead.

What does it take to file a civil court case?

"You can't fight city hall." What that well-known phrase is supposed to convey is the futility of going up against an entrenched government bureaucracy. Even if you have a solid case, navigating the system can leave you feeling like you're fighting a war with paper clips and a rubber band. Settling or just dropping the issue starts to look attractive.

Many individuals with solid claims worth bringing to civil court in California might feel the same way about navigating the legal system. Before anyone gives up, however, they should bring their concerns to experienced counsel for assessment. Skilled attorneys are in the best position to explain your legal options and offer an opinion on your chances of success.

California's Tough DUI Laws

Out of all 50 states, California is known as one of the toughest when it comes to impaired driving laws.

Of course, all states have a blood-alcohol limit of .08 percent for motorists, but California also has its own "Zero Tolerance" policy. This essentially means that any amount of alcohol in your system can be ground for a DUI if you under 21 or you are someone who is on probation for past DUIs.

Former Golden State star arrested for DUI

Just an hour's drive south of Napa, the Golden State Warriors are closing in on what appears to be their second NBA championship in three years. While fans are ready to celebrate, a former basketball player familiar to NBA followers is facing charges that he was driving under the influence when he recently crashed his car on a California freeway.

As a point guard with the Los Angeles Lakers, Fisher won five NBA championships. He played with several other teams and was head coach of the New York Knicks for two years, but was fired in early 2016 from that position.

Heroin use on the rise among millennials

Heroin has become a popular drug for young people. In California, hospitals are seeing more millenials for overdoses related to this dangerous drug.

As prescription drugs have become more common, so too has prescription drug abuse. That abuse has led to an increase in heroin use.

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