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Serving Ordinary People With Extraordinary Problems

Matthew C. Bishop is a Napa attorney. Matt likes to say his family was in the Napa Valley when "Mon-dah-vi" was pronounced "Mon-day-vi." The Law Offices of Matthew C. Bishop, Inc., is a real Napa law firm devoted to helping individuals facing serious civil issues and criminal prosecution get justice.

In every case, Matt Bishop's relentless pursuit of justice is aimed at the target, regardless if that target is big, important, connected or wealthy. He has never walked away from a fight because the opponent was better connected or in a superior political position, and he never will.

Above all else, Matt Bishop is a trial attorney, handling both civil and criminal trials. He understands that personal freedom and liberty are priceless, and that in many cases, a jury trial is the only arrow in an attorney's quiver.

This lesson was brought home in 2002 when Matt was selected to attend the Trial Lawyer's College in Dubois, Wyoming. The Trial Lawyer's College was founded by Gerry Spence, a Wyoming native who has been recognized as among the greatest trial attorneys in the United States. The Trial Lawyer's College's mission is to train lawyers who are devoted to protecting individuals against corporate or government interests. Matt has used the insights and skills gained at the Trial Lawyer's College to help people in their fight for justice.

A Trial Attorney With A Record Of Success

Walking into Matt's office, you cannot help but notice an axe handle with a Napa County Superior Court exhibit label on prominent display. In People v. Johnson, Matt's client was charged with several counts of felony domestic violence, facing 20 years in prison if convicted. After carefully listening to Mr. Johnson's story, it was clear he was not guilty; a jury made the same finding after nine days of trial! If you ask Matt about this axe handle, he will tell you he keeps it as a daily reminder that things are not always as they appear.

Matt will closely examine all the evidence and explore all of the legal theories relevant to your case. His ability to analyze the evidence and present a strong case in or out of the courtroom is unparalleled in the region. Matt enjoys the challenge of representing the underdog and takes pride in helping people through some of the biggest challenges life has to offer.