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Qualities of a good civil litigation attorney

While there are many civil litigation attorneys in California, there are certain qualities that distinguish a good attorney from a mediocre one. The lawyer that you hire will play a large role in determining whether or not you win your case. We at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Bishop have provided a guide to help you determine what traits to look for in an attorney.


First, Harvard Law School states that you should find a lawyer who is proficient at legal research and has the ability to understand a large number of facts and laws. The relationship that he or she has with clients can also be important and affect the fluidity of your case. You also want someone with excellent oral and written skills, as well as someone who can think analytically.


It is important to look for someone that has experience with the type of claim you are filing. Civil litigation attorneys handle cases on the local, state and federal level and represent several different types of clients. Some issues they handle deal with intellectual property, environmental law, products liability, housing law, antitrust, and labor and employment law. The wide range of subjects makes it necessary for you to ensure that your attorney thoroughly understands your situation and the laws surrounding it.


Since your attorney will be in charge of performing interviews, responding to claims and conducting depositions, you should verify that he or she has experience in these areas and will be able to sufficiently handle the work load that a civil litigation case can bring. For more information on this topic, please visit our web page.

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