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August 2017 Archives

New laws to regulate marijuana

With legalized recreational marijuana the new law of the land, California has put new regulations into place in an effort to prevent driving while high. Becoming familiar with these rules could prevent Californians from inadvertently breaking the law.

Wow your friends with fun wine bottle facts

You live in wine country. You enjoy rounding out your evening with a glass or two. You have your favorites. There is that deep red that you serve with your famous steak, and that sweet white you serve with dessert. You know that wine-making has a rich history. This history is full of traditions. Some of these traditions serve a purpose. Other traditions are merely cosmetic.

California crash may be due to drunk driving

A 58-year-old man is facing serious charges following a car accident police believe may have been caused by intoxication. California Highway Patrol arrested the man on Aug. 6 after the accident that injured two people, including the driver. He now stands charged with drunk driving but was released for treatment at a local hospital. 

New table saw safety measures could affect product liability

Product liability issues relating to table saw injuries could rise as products designed to prevent injury become more prevalent. In California, according to California Civil Jury Instructions 1203, among the essential elements of a strict liability action (pdf) for harm by a product is whether the injury caused by a product's design was foreseeable or the result of intended use. As technologies are proven to be easily implemented without an unduly burdensome cost, it may be argued that failure to implement certain safety standards in their designs could open manufacturers to liability for design defects because a table saw cannot perform safely as would be expected by a consumer if it is likely to cause injury when used as intended. In other words, the absence of a safety component in a design could ultimately be considered a design defect. This is so because the benefits of a cheaper but more dangerous saw may not outweigh the risk of danger in that design.

What is the legal BAC level in California?

California is serious about cracking down on drunk drivers. As stated in the California Driver Handbook, if you are an adult driver in California who is pulled over by a law enforcement officer on suspicion of driving under the influence and your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or higher, you can be arrested. The officer also may take your driver’s license, give you an order of suspension and issue you a 30-day temporary license.

How can you safely visit Napa vineyards?

Napa Valley is home to some of the country’s greatest vineyards. Within its 789 square miles, Napa boasts approximately 400 wineries with tasting rooms. This is a remarkable opportunity for a wine connoisseur looking to discover great wines.

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