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October 2017 Archives

A frivolous lawsuit? The notorious McDonald's coffee spill

When the phrase “frivolous lawsuit” is mentioned, people often remember the elderly woman who spilled a hot cup of McDonald’s coffee into her lap. The incident has become engrained in the public’s opinion as that of unnecessary lawsuits run amok. However, many Californians are unaware of the truth surrounding the notorious scalding coffee case.

Terry stops and drug charges: know your rights

When a California driver is stopped by a law enforcement officer for a traffic violation but then also charged with drug possession or another drug crime as part of this traffic stop, it can be a very serious complication. Depending on what the law enforcement officer did, and when and how he or she did it, to arrive at the conclusion that a drug charge was warranted, the driver’s constitutional rights may have been violated and the drug charge may not hold up in court.

Society does not take animal cruelty lightly

In many homes, people treat animals like members of the family. This may consist of taking them on family vacations, including them in family portraits and providing them with every known luxury. On the other hand, while many households include the presence of an animal, or even several, not every animal owner treats those animals lovingly or even humanely.

Long-term consequences of a misdemeanor

When people are convicted of a misdemeanor in California, they may be tempted to view this as an inconsequential event. Because these offenses are considered to be less serious than felonies, they may not think this conviction will affect them for long. However, misdemeanors have the ability to affect their lives for several years.

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