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November 2017 Archives

Are Breathalyzers always accurate?

If authorities pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving in California, you can expect that the law enforcement official who does so will ask that you submit to a breath test using a device called a Breathalyzer. When properly used and maintained, Breathalyzers are often accurate, but there are a number of outside circumstances that can impact accuracy. Because the repercussions associated with drinking and driving are so severe, you want to be sure that there is no question about the validity of the results of your breath test.

Can I sue the government when I am injured?

As a California resident, you often deal with governmental agencies. You go to the DMV to get your driver’s license and/or register your vehicle. You may need to go to the Office of Vital Records to get a certified copy of your birth certificate. Other circumstances also may necessitate your visiting a governmental agency to get needed services. But what if you slip and fall on your way in the door or while there? Can you sue the government? The answer is yes, under certain circumstances.

Should you go to jail for abusing prescription drugs?

More than likely, it started innocently enough. You suffered an injury or illness for which your doctor prescribed you a medication that could be addictive. You took it as directed, but even after your issue resolved, you continued to take the medication. Even though you may have realized that you were on a downward spiral, you couldn't stop.

What constitutes medical malpractice in California?

In a California medical malpractice case, you are alleging that a licensed health care provider deviated from the accepted standard of care while treating you and that this deviation caused you injury. The health care provider can be a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, etc. and/or a hospital or other health care facility. The substandard care could be an act or a failure to act.

What you should know about field sobriety tests

November marks the beginning of the holiday season. For you and other Californians, this time of year can include office parties and get-togethers at restaurants or bars. Whatever your occasion for celebrating, alcohol might be a part of your festivities. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Matthew C. Bishop, Inc., feel it is important to remind you that regardless of how responsible you are about your drinking, you might find yourself facing drunk driving charges, even if you had not been drinking enough to qualify for a DUI.

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