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What are some consequences of drug convictions?

Drug charges in California resulting in convictions might have serious consequences for you. Any crime associated with drug possession, a prescription drug, drug distribution or even possession of drug paraphernalia might saddle you with unforeseen difficulties in future endeavors, such as travelling the world or pursuing higher education.

The importance of mock trials for criminal law cases

At the Law Offices of Matthew C. Bishop, Inc., we believe preparation, research and practice are among the primary elements of a fully inspected case. That is why we employ a number of strategies in the courtroom before a case even goes to trial. You might ask how that is possible. The answer is the performance mock trials. We believe these simulation sessions are an essential component of criminal defense practice.

Seniors are vulnerable to financial abuse

Do you ever have times when you feel like no one cares enough to look out for your well-being? You may have felt that way after learning that you had fallen victim to a scam. It may be even more devastating to know that the person who perpetrated the scam was someone close to you, perhaps one of your own adult children.

The difference between compensatory and punitive damages

If you are convicted of a minor crime in California, such as property damage, the chances are you will be required to pay back damages. This amount depends on what you are in trouble for, as well as any additional amount the plaintiff is seeking against you or what the judge feels is appropriate retribution. Damages awarded to the plaintiff often take place in civil court, but they may apply to you as well in a criminal case. At the Law Offices of Matthew C. Bishop, Inc., we know that it can be helpful to understand what compensatory and punitive damages are.

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