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Seniors are vulnerable to financial abuse

Do you ever have times when you feel like no one cares enough to look out for your well-being? You may have felt that way after learning that you had fallen victim to a scam. It may be even more devastating to know that the person who perpetrated the scam was someone close to you, perhaps one of your own adult children.

Should you go to jail for abusing prescription drugs?

More than likely, it started innocently enough. You suffered an injury or illness for which your doctor prescribed you a medication that could be addictive. You took it as directed, but even after your issue resolved, you continued to take the medication. Even though you may have realized that you were on a downward spiral, you couldn't stop.

Society does not take animal cruelty lightly

In many homes, people treat animals like members of the family. This may consist of taking them on family vacations, including them in family portraits and providing them with every known luxury. On the other hand, while many households include the presence of an animal, or even several, not every animal owner treats those animals lovingly or even humanely.

Wow your friends with fun wine bottle facts

You live in wine country. You enjoy rounding out your evening with a glass or two. You have your favorites. There is that deep red that you serve with your famous steak, and that sweet white you serve with dessert. You know that wine-making has a rich history. This history is full of traditions. Some of these traditions serve a purpose. Other traditions are merely cosmetic.

How can you safely visit Napa vineyards?

Napa Valley is home to some of the country’s greatest vineyards. Within its 789 square miles, Napa boasts approximately 400 wineries with tasting rooms. This is a remarkable opportunity for a wine connoisseur looking to discover great wines.

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