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Drug Charges Archives

What are some consequences of drug convictions?

Drug charges in California resulting in convictions might have serious consequences for you. Any crime associated with drug possession, a prescription drug, drug distribution or even possession of drug paraphernalia might saddle you with unforeseen difficulties in future endeavors, such as travelling the world or pursuing higher education.

Terry stops and drug charges: know your rights

When a California driver is stopped by a law enforcement officer for a traffic violation but then also charged with drug possession or another drug crime as part of this traffic stop, it can be a very serious complication. Depending on what the law enforcement officer did, and when and how he or she did it, to arrive at the conclusion that a drug charge was warranted, the driver’s constitutional rights may have been violated and the drug charge may not hold up in court.

When is it legal for your car to be searched?

California residents who get pulled over on suspicion of a DUI may end up in a situation where the police ask to search the car, or go ahead with a search regardless of your permission. But is it legal for them to search without a warrant? Just when the police search your vehicle?

New laws to regulate marijuana

With legalized recreational marijuana the new law of the land, California has put new regulations into place in an effort to prevent driving while high. Becoming familiar with these rules could prevent Californians from inadvertently breaking the law.

Will marijuana cause a spike in California car accidents?

When voters opted to legalize marijuana last November, it raised a number of questions. Some of these questions surrounded how the substance would be regulated now that it's legal. Other questions involved the potential consequences to public safety.

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